Thursday, 4 June 2015

Thank you Mr. President… messages delivered

I’d like to thank the dear readers who contacted me through telephone, e-mail or Facebook and assure them that there will be a trusted entity receiving all their contributions… also the martyrs’ families; victims of muslim brotherhood terrorism have the right to know about this.

Among those who gladly offered to help are colleagues and friends abroad… our Arab brothers who insisted on contributing to the initiative without mentioning their names… they said they are already indebted to Egypt for what they can never pay back… I will contact everyone once I find the entity that will be entrusted to the task… especially that the scene of the three girls; daughters of martyr Mr. Sherif Abdel-Aziz, driver of the car overtaking the martyr judges and injured is still vivid in my mind…

Today, I’d like to write about the messages of president Abdel-Fattah es-Sisi that he sends from time to time… I’m one of the millions who receive these messages but I’m lucky enough to have this space to talk about it and thank him for that… I also intend to turn this thanking into practical effort in serving our country.

And I’m not the only one here… there are millions who have the same willingness to turn their thanks into action by exerting efforts and combating corruption and remissness… however, the challenges are tough and many and there are no channels to allocate such efforts into and direct them… however, there is a lot to say in such regard because I don’t believe in building a political organization from above… and so we have to work hard to find the most credible and effective alternative for our current situation.

Those messages that started when he was still a minister of defense… when he first asked for the Egyptian people’s authorization to fight terrorism.

The first message I stood long before is what the president said in the ceremony of the marine arsenal… he said there are projects that directly affect Egypt’s national security and that the army had the task to build and develop the arsenal due to the serious threats we face through the sea and the industries related to it that are not less important.

I really don’t understand why the social masses along with the political parties; leftist, Marxist, Arab-nationalist and liberal, do not welcome the efforts exerted by the Egyptian army and which are supervised by the president… especially that selling the public sector’s factories and abusing many strategic projects, like the arsenal, steam boilers and Iron and steel factories which long suffered remissness and marginalization, was disturbing for us all… and we have long written and demonstrated against selling such important strategic facilities.

The president’s message sent from the marine arsenal ceremony confirms we are witnessing a new era that may anger the snakes… those capitalist snakes who enjoy their best days and feel assured that they got what they wanted; that is dismantling the big national projects and neutralizing the state completely so as to work in their own favor alone… and to put their hands over whatever they can reach in this country.

But normal balance requires that other people work to combat those snakes… those patriotic people who believe that nations are built only by science, hard work and efforts exerted… and that strategic national projects are not haven for lazy, inexperienced, inefficient and unproductive people who seek their benefits and advantages on the expense of production, revenues and renovating tools and mechanisms of work.

The second message is when the president always declares decisively and honestly that there is no compromise with terrorism and that we will never accept those who refused to live in peace with us.

It’s a message I always love to hear every time I see the man sitting in a ceremony or seminar holding the microphone and saying, in his quiet decisive voice tone, “I swear we will never make peace or reconcile with those who wanted to rule this nation with force, violence and blood”.

Moreover, I believe it’s a message almost all the Egyptians agree to… those who suffered terrorism that targeted electricity towers, gas pipeline, schools, bridges and other… those people who are not good at giving the “articulate speech” mastered by those so-called political activists and NGOs’ representatives funded by our enemies.

However, there are other messages we receive from other parties… last of them is the one we heard from Abdel-Ghaffar Shokr and George Ishak… the message that aims at undermining the Egyptian judicial system and all traditions and values that necessitate the killer or vandal must be prosecuted… the most dangerous of their message is that it explicitly contains something vague that has to do with the three years they asked to have until death sentences’ verdicts are put into action.

It’s really vague because maybe it’s an undeclared American promise that things will change after those three years; what is left in president Sisi’s current presidential term… maybe they received assurances that muslim brotherhood are coming back and that they will issue amnesty decrees over all the prosecuted once they came back to power… like the terrorist Morsi did with the terrorists who were incarcerated in prisons once he assumed his office

The most dangerous in Shokr and Ishak’s speech is that what they asked for is nothing but an assurance message for every terrorist saying: “kill… vandalize… and destroy… and if you died, you would go to heaven… and if you got caught, we will stand by your side and your detention will not last more than three years or less… even if you were sentenced to death”.

However, the best reply to shokr and Ishak’s speech was what the bereaved father of the martyr soldier in Rafah massacre said in the TV talk show that interviewed them both… he said “you two go to hell”.

This article was published in Al Ahram newspaper on June 4, 2015.

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