Monday, 24 August 2015

Remissness, corruption, and terrorism

These are the main three obstacles that stand in the way of our country to be one of the developed countries… Egypt which has been through two revolutions; the first toppled an autocrat ruler who planned to stay more than 30 years… while the second toppled a theocratic fascist ruling regime that planned to rule Egypt forever.

Such a great nation certainly deserves to be in a much better place than what it had now if it wasn’t for those three grave problems… only one of them is enough to hinder progress… so we can imagine how the three combined affect our beloved Egypt.

After the second revolution, came a president that is loved by the people and who also loves his country very much… he does his best both on the domestic and international levels to push his country forward… there is also the Prime Minister who exerts his earnest efforts to run his cabinet… both men are working hard to achieve what the Egyptian people expect from them… unfortunately, the administrative institutions entitled to run the public facilities and execute directives and laws are corrupted.

Now comes the question: how can we face all this?

In my opinion, a lot of efforts and time are needed in our case… however, we have to start and we should have hope in the future… I also believe that we should begin by fighting terrorism due to the high price paid in it and its subsequent bloody effects.

Terrorism has significantly retreated due to the vigilance of the army and policemen… I also believe it’s because people are fed up with those stray savage groups that keep spreading destruction everywhere… we; army, police and people, should keep combating terrorism relentlessly… as the more we combat terrorism, the easier we can fight in the two other battle fields; corruption and remissness… as those two have wider circles of influence that are not limited to certain people which is not the case in terrorism.

I can say that remissness has become a deep-rooted habit at many Egyptians… I can also tell that it’s wide-spread among the majority of people… and because we cannot have a direct confrontation with it – like the case with terrorism – its fatal consequences could be worse.

As to corruption, I believe it’s the worst of those three problems… as it dwells in the state administrative institutions that go deep in every facility and establishment… we all know that the corrupt administrative body has reached about six million employees and may be more… and in order for it to work effectively, it needs not more than a million employees as per statistics… What can we do regarding such underemployment?... can the new law of civil service face such problem, even if distributed over a time schedule of years… I hope so.

So here we see that Egypt’s problems are many and solutions are not easy… But we have to work hard and exert all possible efforts for our country and for the future of our sons and grandsons… there is no way out but hard work… only with hard work, we could achieve miracles… digging the new Suez Canal in such very short time is one of those miracles.

Yes, we can… and we will do it… May God help us.

This article was published in Almasry alyoum newspaper on August 24, 2015.

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