Thursday, 21 May 2015

Serving martyrs’ families and orphans society

Yes… I had more than crying… my heart broke apart… I felt as if I am being sucked into an endless whirlpool… I recalled what made me ask for the blessings of prophet Muhammed, his family and Mary the Virgin begging them to save my daughter… yes… we all feel unbelievable pain… crying without tears but feeling unbelievable pain.

Yes… I saw the faces of the three little girls; daughters of the martyr Sherif Muhammed Abdel-Aziz… I swear no one has the ability to describe or interpret the feelings and gestures over their faces… the eldest of them looks as if she is below ten years old… their father was the driver of the car in which four of the best Egyptian judges were martyred and injured.

I moved to another paper to let go of those feelings that captured me… however, my miserable bad luck made my eyes fall, in the same newspaper that published the sad photo of the orphaned girls, over the lines of that writer I once described as hypocrite… I wrote in a series of articles before about the difference between the wrong and hypocrite writers…

Those lines of that writer suck you down like soft sands do until you drown in a sea of deliberate misleading… he always starts his article by a paragraph or two in which he appears as if he stands by the side of freedom, democracy and reform… then his misleading words start to flow… as he always comes to the point he wants to deliver; that is standing by the side of terrorism and weeping over the terrorists who were proved guilty by the law and were prosecuted before a civil judge.

It was really astonishing that when I dropped this newspaper away and grabbed another one, I saw the lines of another hypocrite in an interview in which he criticized the judiciary verdicts and practiced his ugly open habit of mixing between the right, wrong and what lies in between them… the right is the impossibility of eradicating ideas or monopolizing of a certain ideology over the whole national arena… the wrong is saying that terrorists like Muhammed Badie’a, Khairat esh-Shater, Muhammed Morsi, Essam al-Arian, Muhammed al-Beltagi and others inferior to them in rank should be treated in another way different to the way they are being treated with and that verdicts of death penalty in this way makes the judiciary a tool… to the rest of this nonsense talk… as to what lies in between the right and wrong, he says that dialogue should be present among all who placed themselves in the political action arena… but what dialogue?... In what way and with what tools?... and leading to what results?... his dialogue and friendship with the terrorist group of muslim brotherhood was nothing but a profiteering maneuver to get the crumbles of what the group throws away of seats in the elections of one of the parliaments.

I could not help but going back again and again to the photo of those little girls; daughters of the martyr Sherif Muhammed Abdel-Aziz… then I read the news saying that the Egyptian Judges’ Club gave the family of the martyr a hundred thousand pounds while dedicating two hundred thousand each for the families of the judicial authority… here, I do not blame the Judges’ Club… actually, I thank its head and dignified assembly… but I blame myself and others who felt the same pain of the situation that a simple Egyptian family may find itself in after the martyr or injury of their bread owner on the hands of terrorism which this hypocrite writer and more hypocrite politician asks us to sympathize with and be kind to… he also asks us to conduct dialogue with those terrorists behaving against the law, norm and morals.

I blame myself and others because we are very late in working over establishing an entity bearing any name whose mission is to take care and follow the children of those martyrs… I blame myself and others because we did not rush to hold those children of the martyrs, bat over their heads, provide them with their needs, follow them in their schools… to the rest of what lies in the core of caring.

I launch this invitation for all friends, brothers and all who want to participate in establishing and reinforcing this entity… and let its suggested name be “society of serving martyrs’ families and orphans”… I and my family will be the first to contribute to the founding capital of this entity… at the completion of the first step, this entity and the contributions received shall be declared.

I wish Al Ahram can publish the photo of those three little girls in an independent poster so that all hypocrite writers and politicians – if they still think and feel – can know that any reconciliation with the murderer terrorists, inciting terrorists, guiding terrorists, preaching terrorists, leading terrorists and terrorists mis-interpreting God’s words away from their true meanings and contexts… is first against the law and constitution… second is against morals… third is a disobedience to God… and above all, it is a treason committed against the country which they stab in the heart.

May our martyred Egyptian sons rest in the heaven of eternity… may those cowards and hypocrites feel the pain we have… May God punish those murderer terrorists.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Al Ahram newspaper on May 21, 2015.

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