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The enemy

Enmity has been always there associated with mankind since the first moment of creation… its circle even widened from the Satan to include children and spouses as they too could be enemies as stated in the Quranic verse “O you who have believed, indeed, among your wives and your children are enemies to you, so beware of them. But if you pardon and overlook and forgive - then indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

By time, enemies, enmity and aggression – and all that connect to this theme – have become a subject of research… and even innovation in many knowledge branches that may include psychology, social psychology, history, economics, international relations, military sciences and other… there are even other sciences that may help in this issue too like chemistry, physics, mathematics, medicine and all that connect to the arms industry, information technology and other.

However, the most important thing in such aspect – as I think – is an enemy of special nature… more dangerous than all foreign enemies no matter strong or powerful they are… that enemy is the collapse of the national immune system… that immune system that if we broke it down to its elements, we would find the nation’s intellect, conscience, history, civilization, culture, cohesion, balance, education, health and its awareness of its position and present time.

In politics they say there is no such thing as a lasting enmity or lasting friendship as to relations with the foreign powers. However, there are different kinds of international relations that are shaped according to the nation’s geographical position and role… in many times, the geographical situation is a reason for fighting among the foreign powers and competition in the regional area… many do not pay attention to such thing… those many are the people who do not adopt this rule of lasting enmity or lasting friendship in their vision for their relations with other nations… because it is not about unfriendly or friendly relations but rather about determining the sources and possibilities of danger that may attack the nation.

But if it was proven that the nation – due to its geographical position and role – is exposed to a constant danger from certain regional and international powers… and there are evidences in history that corroborate this… then it is more right to talk about the sources of danger and not the sources of aggression… as a result, determining the foreign enemy is related to determining where the foreign danger is and its nature… only then we can know who the enemy is.

If we made a connection between the first enemy – that is the collapse of the national immune system – and the second foreign one, we would discover that all powers that were in enmity with Egypt and wanted to undermine its role, destroy its powers and prevent it from achieving progress, actually started by first working on attacking its national immune system in order for the Egyptian cultural civilization complex structure that was accumulated throughout hundreds of centuries to decompose… so that it would become like water when exposed to certain effects, it will decompose to its basic elements; meaning Oxygen and Hydrogen… at that time, there will be no water… you will not be able to quench your thirst as some Oxygen and some Hydrogen will do you no good when you are thirsty.

I know this was a long introduction but I had to write it… now we can say that the historical evidences confirmed that the foreign danger attacking Egypt always came from the east and north… also most of the civilization and cultural interaction that enriched Egypt’s culture came from the same directions… while there were little danger and interaction from the south and west.

And so, the ancient Egyptians, during the flourishing times of the Egyptian role, outlined the borders of the nation’s security both geographically and politically – meaning geo-politics-wise – as extending from the African Horn to the reversed sources of water; meaning Tigris and Euphrates… it is known that they were called reversed waters since they run from the north to the south while the River Nile runs from south to north. Consequently, the Egyptian nation’s defense was always directed towards the Red Sea and south to beyond Mandeb Strait… and towards the north-east; meaning Sinai, Palestine and Taurus Mountains… in order to protect the nation against dismantle, fragmentation, looting and foreign occupation.

Also foreign invasion waves since the Persians, Tatars, Moghuls, Crusades and the Zionist enemy… all came from this geographical field determined by our ancient ancestors as borders of our national security… and despite the modern colonial powers that invaded Egypt came from the north like the French and English, they themselves realized they cannot impose their rule in Egypt unless they besiege it and undermine its national security by controlling the Levant area which geo-politically includes modern Syria, Lebanon and before them Palestine and eastern Jordan

Is there any more telling or clearer way to determine the sources of danger and hence the aggression and consequently determine who the enemy is?... in simple words, the enemy is the one who always tries to control Egypt’s north-eastern gate and disconnect its land and marine routes to the areas that represent its security circle… and it happened that those areas are our Arab world and nation.

I will not give more details in this issue of dangerous domestic enemy; that is the collapse of the national immune system anymore as the details are countless and impossible to list in an article.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Al-Mossawar magazine, issue no. 4837 on June 21, 2017.

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