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Salute to an honorable patriotic scientist

I received the following message from the eminent professor Dr. Gamal Mustafa Saied; professor of surgery and surgical oncology in Qasr al-Aini medical school… also member of the European Association for Cancer Researches (EACR) and American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)… adding to all this what I know well about him as he is the one with the researches and leading surgical operations registered worldwide in his name… also he is the founder of the cultural intellectual saloon called “Al-Garrah saloon” or the surgeon’s saloon that is held periodically and which discusses the most important scientific and social matters that burden our country without much talking in politics… also, he is the philanthropic who denies himself and puts his knowledge, efforts, time and money for the help of people, especially the poor.

Here is what he wrote:

Dear Sir,
I was very much delighted of what you recently wrote about regarding the willingness to help the families of terrorism martyrs and injured ones in cooperation with the institution of Al Ahram. As I am indebted to this great country that provided me with free education since I went to the primary school until I got the doctorate degree, not to mention the awards, rewards, grants and travel allowances it gave me to go all over the world… this country also granted me the honor of representing Egypt in the international conferences and forums. For all this, I consider myself a pure Egyptian product and this shall entitle me the duty of repaying a simple part of what this country gave me… and so I am delighted to present the following:

1-I would like to join the group interested in such matter of helping the martyrs’ families.

2-I am ready to provide totally free-of-charge examination over patients of the families of martyrs and injured ones in fields of major surgeries, benign and malignant tumors’ surgeries, recurrent surgeries and synthetic surgeries that need special skillful expertise… all this in my private clinic in al-Falaki square in Bab al-Louk neighborhood in Cairo… after this patient receives a letter from you or whoever you assign for that task.

3-I volunteer to do the surgical operations in the above-mentioned fields free of charge provided that other entities take charge of the costs of hospital accommodation, medications and anesthesia… also costs of chemo- and radiotherapies if necessary… we may also be able to help the patients in the procedures to get the approval of the officials in charge to get all this done on the expense of the state that does all its best to help the citizens.

4-I am prepared to incorporate other physicians of specializations and expertise of different medical fields for such noble cause if I have your consent over this.

Best regards,

Your brother
Dr. Gamal Mustafa Saied
Professor of surgery and surgical oncology in Qasr al-Aini medical school
Member of the European Association for Cancer Researches (EACR)
Member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

Again, I thank and feel grateful for Professor Dr. Gamal Mustafa and for all gentlemen who honored me with responding to the invitation I launched for the purpose of helping the families of the martyrs and which is adopted by the newspaper of Al Ahram… here, I would like to ask Al Ahram through the two gentlemen Mr. Ahmed al-Naggar; chairman of the board and Mr. Muhammed Abdel-Hadi; editor-in-chief to make Al Ahram the entity entitled to regulate the relation between the families of muslim brotherhood terrorism martyrs and this respected medical team by granting the one who wants to be examined or get medications a letter from Al Ahram directed to Professor Dr. Gamal Mustafa affirming that its holder is entitled to receive the care agreed upon… we can also hold a meeting including Al Ahram, professor Dr. Gamal Mustafa and me to coordinate the mechanisms required for such noble mission.

I expected significant contributions and I received some favorable responses but there were some issues that may rise to the level of obstacles impeded us from achieving a certain goal I call for during the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fetr or feast of breaking the fast as many of the martyrs’ children and families are in bad need of support during the feasts.

Some of the entities including an authority affiliate to the Egyptian cabinet and which was established with the aim of supporting the martyrs’ families asked to coordinate with the project that now holds the name of Al Ahram… it is okay with me that the idea I called for out of deep patriotic feelings finds its way to practical application under any sign… not to mention that the sign is that of Al Ahram with its old history, patriotism and integrity of its administration and editing management.

What really encourages us to go on this sacred mission no matter the obstacles are is what was said in the president speech who strongly and honestly mentioned the importance of honoring and supporting the families of country martyrs murdered on the hands of coward mean terrorism… especially martyrs of soldiers, army and police officers… also martyrs of civilians and common people like the martyr driver of the car of the martyred judges and prosecutors… who the scene of his three little girls still rips the heart of anyone who knows humanity and worships God.

And so I rebuke myself and blame those in charge of Al Ahram mail that received some financial contributions and I will not say donations asking: couldn’t we give this simple present to the three girls in Eid al-Fitr?... again, I shall salute and honor everyone having a live human patriotic conscience like the model of the honorable surgery professor Dr. Gamal Saied.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Al Ahram newspaper on July 30, 2015.

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