Thursday, 17 November 2016

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The best way to know and hone the skills of youth; men and women, is through fields of volunteering and public work… you won’t come up with real creative cadres but through this means…

Experiments – like al-Wafd party cadres, green shirts’ movement of Masr al-Fataah party, blue ones of al-Wafd party once again and finally that of muslim brotherhood and all similar groups that followed later – have proved that mobilization discipline and choosing cadres upon skills of bombastic speeches haven’t yielded a national and political work with clear forward-pushing cultural, social and economic aspects.

However, there is an exception in such regard; that is a group of the Youth organization who contributed to projects of filling swamps, planting trees, fighting pests, desertation and combating illiteracy… this group that kept active in national work and established a broad political current that later became inhabited by common diseases epidemic in the Egyptian political domain… atop of these disease is those incompetent parasitic characters incapable of having a productive real job and who act like leaders adopting a loudmouthed speech.

For all this, I felt optimistic when I heard about the visit of parties’ youth delegation to the presidency to present their vision about volunteer work starting from combating illiteracy… however, I’m still skeptic about the idea of Youth Council related to the conference held in Sharm esh-Shiekh… and I won’t rest assured until I see clear practical tasks executed in volunteer national work domain.

I wrote long time ago that Egypt is refacing challenges it had already conquered at its beginning as a nation… these are the natural challenges; challenge of the river and its water in general… challenge of the sea from the north… and deserts from west and east; meaning desertation challenge.

Our ancestors were able to tame the river and resist the sea through reclaiming vast areas in northern Delta where soft and salty lands were… in the same time, they were strong reliable guards for the valley and Delta against attacks… since Egypt was a big oasis in the middle of a vast desert… Generations after generations were able to control the River Nile by establishing dams, locks and bridges to achieve fair distribution of water as that was the standard to measure the strength and efficiency of ruling regime.

With these natural challenges attacking viciously, other challenges – not less important in my opinion – strike… these are the socio-psychological illnesses along with the physical ones that went rife among the Egyptian sociological composition…

Scientist of social psychology and other experts have detected these sociological illnesses that were transferred to the new communities… these which we hoped would be leading spots pushing the nation forward… rather, they were worn-out ones where such illnesses spread until these new communities became themselves sources for contemporary crime.

Moreover, there are the dismantling factors that Egypt’s enemies kept activating and empowering… whether religious, sectarian or doctrinal dismantle… or dismantling upon interests or groups…etc… until this great civilized entity; Egypt went back to its separate basic composition elements… like water transforming into Oxygen and Hydrogen becoming incapable of providing life to plants, animals or humans.

This youth vision represented by this delegation has renewed the hope for the Egyptian aptitude of millions of Egyptian young men and women to set off… especially those aging from 18 to 29 years old and who are estimated to represent about 22 millions of the Egyptian people.

I hope the first task of those young men would be to have their own leaders from within them… so that the regency of those taking politics as a profession would come to an end… those who think they would keep playing the same role without being exposed or that they may retire and enjoy the fortunes they made falsely; whether money or others.

The road to an effective political life will not be through the current party life… without diving into details, we thought there were parties, led by elite figures, established to represent the Egyptian liberalism… others were formed to compensate for the failure of the Egyptian Left… and third founded claiming to be independent from any political current… etc… however, days proved that the common diseases epidemic in the Egyptian political movement along with its symptoms; division, fighting, empty bombastic speeches, alienation from the reality and others, have moved to these newly-formed entities… and again we found ourselves standing before the equation stating that zero + zero + zero = zero again!

For all this, I believe the alternative is that these youth groups should involve in direct field work to respond to nature challenges; meaning desertation and sea challenges…also, to respond to the challenges of sociological diseases and facing negative phenomena… then respond to challenges of building the country nationwide… cadres qualified for leadership will come out of work fields where natural selection and survival of the best fit will rule.

And since the matter has to do with our country, I believe older people, like me, may have the right to be active in national work fields to do their part… in addition to our role related to our different specialization fields… since tasks like combating illiteracy, spreading social awareness and exerting efforts for the sake of a comprehensive Egyptian cultural renaissance standing against attacks of Wahhabi ideology along with improper interpretation of religion… all these are tasks anyone can do regardless of age or physical ability limitations.

I welcome and support Egypt youth initiatives and endeavors in national work… since if it’s time for work, then all terrorism and retardation powers won’t be able to set time backward.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Al Ahram newspaper on November 17, 2016.

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