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Reading in President Sisi visit to the Cathedral

Resisting ugliness is deemed to be a real act of resistance… starting from souls’ inner ugliness to all that is ugly in appearance, context or even both. We have a lot of ugly things to fight in our life as some may have this ugliness inside them acting as a cancerous cell growing and growing until it eats out every other cell… especially those cells of beauty, in the broad meaning of the word exceeding beauty of faces or physical figures.

What is really disastrous is that if ugliness took control of someone’s soul, it would govern all his senses, mind and heart… at this point, ugliness will be apparent in his language and manners. He will see nothing good or positive in what others do… and if he found nothing bad or negative, he would make it up. The culture of ugliness – if we can combine these two words together since behavior is a culture itself – has prevailed to the extent that it is reflected in most of what we do and what surrounds us… even buildings’ facades did not escape this ugliness; as you can see many signs, denoting owners of offices or companies, hanged next to air-conditioners and clotheslines with both of them dropping water over walls or passers-by heads… in addition to hundreds of examples in our life…

And so, President Sisi’s word during his visit to the Cathedral on the occasion of Holy Christmas about balancing beauty in face of ugliness was really special and inspiring… it indicates that there is an elite moral standard the state – represented in its head – uses to judge matters… one can only hope that all state institutions be committed to this standard and do nothing ugly of any degree or kind.

Now I leave the rest of the article to what Dr. Charles Beshri Megali; Cardiology professor and distinguished patriotic intellectual, wrote about the president’s visit. He chose the title “what have fools done?". He says:

 “Today’s visit of president Sisi to the Cathedral is more than wonderful. It was a gesture of caress toward the grieving families who lost their loved ones in the terrorist act of bombing St. Peter’s church. The visit – although a tradition followed by the president since he assumed his office – has a distinguished meaning this time as it comes after a heinous terrorist act which resulted in almost 30 martyrs and the number is rising.

It is a visit by a president for all Egyptians as he pats over those mourning in pain. Not only is he strongly committed to his religion’s beliefs, but also keen to purify it from the misdeeds of those who kill in the name of God and Islam.

The president has declared the establishment of the biggest church and mosque in Egypt in the new capital after finishing restoration of all churches that were burnt down by the terrorists. It is a big move that comes from an expert-in-tactics and highly strategically intelligent general.

President Sisi’s words about the new church were not just words, but a multi-purpose message for all parties: a reassurance message for all Egyptian Christians that the state orientations are now different to what they were in the past as it proclaims them a main component of the Egyptian society that the country is really proud of. Also, it is a slap in the face to all ethnicity strife agitators that their attempts are gone in the wind and that all Egyptians; Muslims and Christians, will ever be united until doomsday.

Moreover, it is a message for all who misunderstand Islam that difference is God’s will in people and that all calls for prejudice in the name of religion and all extremists’ Fatwas claiming there is no place for new churches in Egypt is history now. Today, there is no place but for the culture of accepting the other, brotherhood and tolerance among citizens of the same country.

This president who kept his promise of rebuilding the churches and schools that were burnt down in the ethnicity strife acts enflamed by muslim brotherhood after the dispersion of Rabe’a is the same man who revenged for the Christian Egyptians killed in Libya when he raided Daesh there. Also, he is the same man who revealed the names of those who sold their souls to the devil and killed women and children in St. Peter’s church; that sacred place and in the most sacred times; during praying. He also fulfilled his promise of renovating the bombed church in no time.

This man, whom we are proud of and really love from the bottom of our hearts, issued the law of building churches that is considered a big move Egypt did not witness since official document of the Ottoman Sultan and al-Ezabi Pasha conditions for building churches.

We do not say this is the best that could be done. However, the man is no doubt sincere and stepping over the thorns piled through the past decades. It is well understood that the man becomes a target for all extremists hiding behind Islam to achieve their political gains. Those extremists are and will do all they can to thwart the man’s efforts aiming at entrenching the culture of tolerance and accepting the other. However, it is not understood or acceptable at all that we witness some campaigns launched by some Christian Copts – especially those living abroad – criticizing and attacking the man’s intentions and motives.

Dear strategic analyst Copts who like nothing,
We like and trust the man very much.. and before this, we trust God who has the ruler’s heart in his hand as said in the Bible which we hope you still remember. Please, leave us alone and spare us those Crocodile tears.

Dear Mr. President,
We heartily thank you. We felt the sincerity of your words. We hope you can forgive us for what some fools of us said”.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Al Ahram newspaper on January 12, 2017.

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