Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Accomplices… but they don’t know

Perhaps for hundreds of times, I have confirmed in my articles that I am one of those believing history is not made by conspiracy but it does not lack it… especially if we recognized the term “conspiracy” as a complete planning done by a certain party of a certain conflict to face his enemy; meaning the other party of the conflict… and because such planning contains unethical means and ways, it is done in secrecy.

I am almost sure that a “conspiracy” in the above defined meaning has targeted the Egyptian conscience composition in specific and the Islamic and Arab ones in a more general way; an already-existing ongoing well-planned accurately-implemented conspiracy that depends most – in order to serve its role – on the negligence of the relevant parties and the absence of their acumen to what is being done to them.

On the economic level, we need no one to conspire against us as we had very bad moments when we hit what is below the lowest point… on the political level, we were cursed by governments, elite bunches of intellectuals, and presidents who did not pay attention to the fact that the fate of our country lies within their hands, and political practice reached to the extent which we call “comprehensive depletion”.

On the social side, fragmentation had its way through our very own flesh for us to dismantle and break apart in a way that we knew and are suffering from in all times… and only our conscience remained as the last bulwark that we leaned against as our conscience is a very-well blended multi-layered alloy where the accumulated heritage of ancient Egypt, Hellenistic Egypt, Christian Coptic Egypt, Islamic Coptic Egypt, and the contemporary and modern Egypt amalgamate with the religious belief, mythical folklore, and the product of I may call the geographic necessity rich of inter-relations between the river, see, greenery, yellowness of the desert, in addition to other things.

After we were social, politically, and economically “dredged” and “depleted”, the second step was to target our conscience to rip it apart so that we can have no refuge to seek and protect our back while we are engaging to save ourselves socially, politically, and economically.

Now I am certain that the way the conspiracy decided to adopt to delve into the heart of our conscience is religion which played an essential role in our very own existence since we discovered or invented eternity and established all that came later in the religious beliefs… it is really sorrowful that attacking our conscience now reached to the extent of destroying its backbone so that what I call the national immune system can collapse… as after the first dismantle into Christians and Muslims, fragmentation followed inside the “Christian side” and the “Muslim side”… and so we heard some of us saying that the Athanasius non-Orthodox is not a true Christian… and that the Asha’ari non-Sunni or Hanbali Sunni Muslims are not devout Muslims.

Then here we go into another destructive dismantle inside the “Asha’ari side” itself as this time, dismantle is attacking our rationality and insight after some of those who hold high university – I will not say scientific – degrees; meaning PhDs and what follow this of Assistant Professorship and full Professorship in disciplines of Share’ia like “FiqhOsoulHadithTafsir” and other disciplines started to issue Fatwas about seeking medical treatments in urine of some animals, having sexual relations with the dead, also with animals, what was said before about the fly’s wings, sex relation between Jinn and humans, the look of the baby born of an intercourse where the man is naked… to the rest of list.

Before that, there was time when we reached a point of mutual deterrence in facing some of our enemies in the region – I here mean the Zionist state – after we were nothing but the helpless party in a certain time… I am certain the other party discovered that our main weapon that made us reach this stage of mutual deterrence was our domestic cohesion around our army after 1967 and employing all constituents of our conscience in order to turn into a massive force attaching our society all together… and so planning to push us to the abyss of false religiosity and empty doctrinal and religious disagreements, also negating rationality and insight, was prepared for… and has been done already.

What happened afterwards – as I believe – is not a conjecture that may have more than an interpretation… actually what happened, usually unconsciously and sometimes consciously, was participating in turning such conspiracy from planning phase to implementing into reality with our own hands and on our own tongues… and by entities we believe are away from negating rationality and insight… and that is the conspiracy; to kill ourselves by ourselves.

While on the other side of that of the enemy, one finds cohesion over a specific goal that allows no breaching; that is the existence, cohesion, and strength of the Zionist state and its economic, technological, scientific, and military excellence over its neighbors in the region despite having doctrinal disagreements, cultural differences, ethnic disparities, and very perilous religious texts among constituents of the Zionist society.

This is the disaster we must face.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Almasry alyoum newspaper on October 4, 2017.

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