Thursday, 18 August 2016

Stop nonsense talk

They keep spreading corrupted standards… I here mean muslim brotherhood and those claiming to monopolize religion… and guess what?... Accompanying them is a bunch of liberals, Arab nationalists and Marxists…

The more days pass towards the presidential elections along with the fast pace of performance in fighting corruption, reviving the nation, clarity and transparency by declaring how serious the problems facing the country are and how bitter and difficult the cure is, the more the insistence on corrupting evaluation standards… and like they did when they exchanged “right and wrong” with “halal and haram”, they used “civilian and military” instead of “efficient and inefficient”…

However, we find that those who keep spreading such corrupted standards consider themselves crème de la crème… you can even discover that some of them is working hard to personify the caricaturistic character of “Abdo Mushtaq[1]”depicted by the late genius caricaturist Mustafa Hussain…

We also knew through media that some of them have started choosing his election campaign team… and we could guess through journalistic articles those who aspire to join… and so they wrote about the black 60 years; meaning the time span since July 23, 1952 revolution and Gamal Abdel-Nasser until our present time… we also read recently about those who call for a civilian presidential council…

Despite I don’t hide my support for president Sisi since the moment he was elected – and indeed it was an enthusiastic support associated with clashes here and there, especially that his opponent was supposed to belong to the same political ideology I believe in – I’m not about to talk about a second term for the man… also, I’m not willing to join any group flattering him.

What I’m about to do is to stand firm against those who keep stabbing our nation’s body in the core by spreading such corrupted standards and work hard to regain our balanced right standards… meaning to use “efficient and inefficient”, “right and wrong”, “legal and illegal”, “constitutional and unconstitutional” and “systematic, logical and scientific” and not haphazardly-chosen misleading so-called standards… I say it clear out loud.

And so, whether the current president nominated himself for a second presidential term or not, the only standard we should apply upon him or any other possible candidate is whether he is “efficient or inefficient”… in this regard, we have to clearly mention that efficiency standards are multiple regarding level and type… such thing is already well known by experts in the field.

However, in addition to those standards, I’d like to distinguish here between retail business calculations and history estimations… as the first may be done by the grocer or shopkeeper himself or by using a calculator or computer like the case in Hypermarkets; they mention the quantity, type, price, what is in the stores, on shelves…etc.

While the latter; history estimations, is closely connected to geography estimations in the first place which is in turn natural; “terrains, climate, weather…etc”, then economic, demographic, political and strategic… it’s where we find a butterfly fluttering its tiny fragile wing in the Amazon forests… and then these waves of fluttering governed by other factors like wind, marine currents…etc. arrive at the other side of the ocean in a massive tsunami…

In the same way, the law of quantitative accumulation and qualitative change applies on the movement of history… and so, discovering corruption in supplying a quantity of wheat of a small peasant’s field in Gharbia or Menofiya governorates led to our current time tsunami of fighting corruption in the whole system of supplying wheat…

We have another example we all lived, it all started when president Sisi called upon Egyptians to contribute to the cost of the Suez Canal projects; meaning the new canal along with the projects around and beneath it… and again, a tsunami of donations hit until they got the money needed shortly after they opened for contributions and had to close because they got more than enough.

According to retail calculations, you will find others talking and pitying the losses of the project… and that it was a hasty decision to have this canal… however, according to history estimations, you will notice the high spirit of our national will and how it turned from chaos, lack of confidence and loss of hope into an integrated symphony of work… as millions put their money in this project… thousands went there to dig, remove digging outcome and make all scientific measurements for the project… also, soldiers were protecting the site which borders terrorism spot in Sinai… in addition to achieving many other goals connected to the project on the domestic, regional and international levels… these are history estimations… not retail calculations.

If I went on analyzing what took place in the last two years as per history estimations, some of those “Abdo Mushtaq”-character personifying people along with their allying groups would think it’s a deliberate preparation process to talk about a second term for president Sisi… so again, I go back to the main point of our article to confirm that efficiency, commitment to constitution and law and fighting corruption are the standards we should use… for despotism is wrong… corruption is wrong… negligence is wrong… looting public money is wrong… monopolism is wrong… savage capitalism is wrong… all these should be the standards used to choose an official… starting from the president of the republic and to the smallest-in-rank employee.

Humorously speaking, I can swear that some of those “civilian-type” people are nothing but an elegant façade hiding behind soft-wording speech, stylish dressing, foreign languages-speaking accent, a la mode suit, shining shoes… such character introduces himself or is introduced as the genius of his age and one of a kind in his generation… but after a few minutes of listening to him attentively as you should be due to the before-mentioned description, you start looking for a way out to flee… either by asking about the WC or makeing up a story to hurry away from him… This is in case you don’t want to do what the young man did to Toscanini, the music conductor… as the young man sat listening and following all etiquette rules until he saw the artist doing and saying what no one would like… then, the young man said: “as to Toscanini, the artist, I bow and take off my hat… but as to Toscanini, the human, I bow and take off my shoes”!

So please, stop stabbing our country in the heart and soul when we differentiate between citizens using the “civilian and military” thing… if anyone sees himself efficient enough and there is a consensus over him, will he please show himself up away from nonsense talk.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Al Ahram newspaper on August 18, 2016.

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[1] A caricaturistic character represents a man who wants dearly to be a minister or occupy a high profile job in the government and who boasts qualifications he doesn’t possess

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