Thursday, 6 October 2016

NDP abscesses in the Egyptian body

It is difficult a writer, who is supposed to respect what he writes, denies a stance he once adopted and defended before. I say this because of the rash that started spreading recently in the intellectual, cultural and press domain. I here mean the rubbish or opportunists that surfaced from the National Democratic Party (NDP) during very dark eras in the history of this country.

I have already written some articles after January 25th revolution distinguishing between what I called the state intellectual and the regime’s one. I affirmed that nations are not built by denying the efforts of its brilliant minds and that not everyone who belonged to an entity or party formed by the regime from above and later this party came to an end, is a traitor or opportunist, because there are times when this intellectual, scientist, researcher or executive has nothing else to do but to engage in the official organizational channels so that he can serve his country and avoid the obstacles put in his way.

I gave examples for this starting from Hassan el-Attar and Refa’a el-Tahtawi who collaborated with Muhammed Ali Pasha regime and then came other generations that did the same thing until we reached July 23rd, 1952 revolution and the political entities and parties that followed like at-Tahrir organization, National Union, Socialist Union and Young Cadres’ organization… then Egypt party during Sadat’s era and finally the National Democratic Party during Mubarak’s time.

Although the majority were of those untalented politically, culturally and morally ignorant, and that those who made it to the top were usually of those whom we can call “bindweeds”; invasive weeds twining the trees’ trunks and climbing up until they hide the tree and sometimes feed over these trees, there were also some efficient scientifically, culturally and morally talented people who found no other way but the official one to be of use to their country. I called upon those sincere sophisticated scientists not to retreat into their shells and to start looking for a way to continue benefiting their country, otherwise they would be regarded as opportunists. Some of them responded and started working actively again. However, we are witnessing now a phenomenon the least to describe is that it is disgusting as there are some ugly figures of the NDP that started to appear once again in the public scene.

First, I would like to say that the danger our country and the current political regime led by president Sisi are facing is not represented only in muslim brotherhood and all their likes of active or inactive terrorist cells whether here or abroad. Actually, I believe these abscesses are way more dangerous than muslim brotherhood. They are like the bedsores hidden under bed covers and while the doctor is busy curing the patient of the disease that made him stick to bed, the patient suddenly dies, not due to the illness, but because of the bad effects of those bedsores.

Due to my profession, I have to go daily through the newspapers, magazines and other social networking websites to know the updates and follow what is happening around us. And so I see what these abscesses write in the newspapers owned by private capital and some official newspapers. One then finds those rats – that is what they were and still are since the time of Mubarak and his son – suddenly behaving like brave eagles shoving their poisonous claws in the nation’s body. And so their mean savageness meet with that of the muslim brotherhood. They have no target but to attack the entity that protected the people in January 25 and corrected the course in June 30; that entity that have been removing all the stumbling blocks piled since the beginning of economic Infitah and aftermath of 1967 defeat.

The NDP abscesses have stayed inactive in the Egyptian body, hidden in its pivotal points and strategic places and when they started to appear once again, it turned out that they are monopolizing the whole country. They had no mercy over the Egyptian people starting from wheat and not ending by babies’ milk… and if anyone wanted to stand up to them, they would say: “hey, look… they are against free trade… they are against investment, profit and individual initiatives… they want us to go back to socialism, one-man rule and dictatorship”. They launch their campaigns attacking our Egyptian national army and the president who gave an example of himself when he donated half his salary and half of what he inherited from his father to the country… that man who ceases not to do his best on both the domestic and foreign domains.

Yes… they are revenging because I heard myself – I have already written about this – some of them condemning the role of field marshal Tantawi in January 25th revolution and blaming him for the people’s success to topple Mubarak’s regime along with his press and culture figures.

I would like to mention once again what we have written before during Mubarak’s time that the ruling fascist capitalism has two wings… one of them is the NDP and the other is muslim brotherhood who provides the moral cover for such capitalism… they justify all profits gained by that capitalism no matter how unjustifiably gross they are… and if anyone stood to them, they would deceivingly mention the Hadith saying “All things of a Muslim are inviolable for his brother-in-faith: his blood, his property and his honour"... meaning that nationalizing, controlling the country's resources or even putting regulations to bridle such unjustifiable profits to stay within a reasonable limit is considered Haram in their ideology.

And so the partnership between the two wings; Mubarak’s regime and musim brotherhood, took place when they occupied more than 25 percent of the parliament seats and took control of main key fields of the Egyptian economy.

In very simple direct words, I would like to say: the fight against terrorism shall not be limited to armed men, muslim brotherhood and terrorists. Actually, it should include those abscesses that hid long and are now fiercely rashing. In the next time, I shall present some examples for those abscesses through what they write in the press or social networking websites.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Al Ahram newspaper on October 6, 2016.

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