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Again… salafists and blackmailing state

I write about this issue for the second time in an attempt to know when, how and where has this one called Yasser Hussain Mahmoud Burhami Hashish managed to blackmail the interior ministry, government, regime or the state?... since all what he says in public entails liability, accountability and punishment… supposing that we live in a state that respects the constitution and applies the law.

I do not believe that the current regime needs a cover that claims to be religious instead of the moral cover; the one based on values of citizenship and Egyptian cultural civilization structures that date back to the dawn of history… through ancient Egypt since the first dynasty… then the Hellenistic period… Christian… Islamic… and then to the modern and contemporary era… since some political regimes need a cover claiming to represent the religious reference because such regimes adopt a negative stance towards values of citizenship and cultural civilization structures in general.

And so I seriously ask: when, how and where has Burhami; vice-chief of the salafist Call, managed to blackmail the ruling regime institutions… to the extent that he recently gives sermons in mosques for a reason I believe is very ridiculous and funny… that is he was able to succeed in an exam set by the ministry of endowments… I do not know if this exam included a question asking: what is your opinion of the one who accuses an Egyptian citizen or group of misconduct, aggression, wrongfulness and infidelity without a judicial verdict stating that?... and does this one who considers himself a preacher to the way of God have the right to give such verdicts on the Christian Egyptian citizens?

All institutions in charge have already known what any Egyptian citizen following what is published and broadcasted on the internet knows… when Burhami was asked about how the Muslim husband should treat his Christian wife and his answer was extremely outrageous and appalling.

Neither Al-Azhar nor the ministry of endowments issued a reply to such answer… nor the public prosecution or the ministry of endowment punished him… only people like me reacted to what he said…and it looked like a words fight with a man who incites to hatred, contempt, loathing, destroying family relations and violating all that is human and decent.

The same thing happens again… not only on the hands of Burhami… but by another one adopting the same salafist ideology called Yahia Refa’ei Sorour who said in public about the martyred Egyptian citizens slaughtered in Libya: “they are sheep… 21 Christian sheep whose blood is cheap… they are not partners to us in this country… and we feel offended as the Christian Egyptians stayed safe in Egypt after the coup”.

As to Yasser Burhami, he described the Egyptian Christian citizens in public – as recorded in audio and video – as: “they are an infidel wrongful aggressive criminal minority that abuses the right of the majority… we call our brother Christians atheists… yes, they are our brothers in the country… but they are atheists if they keep believing in their religion and so they will go to hell…”. Then Burhami describes all who disagree to his opinions as “they are hypocrites and atheists”… meaning that all persons and entities that disagree to Yasser Hussain Mahmoud Burhami Hashish are atheist hypocrites!

After all this, Yasser Burhami and leaders of the salafist Call like Muhammed Ismail al-Mokadem, Muhammed Abdel-Fattah Abu Idris, Abdel-Mone’im esh-Shahat and others remain in the forefront of the religious Dawaa… they also have a political party that takes place in elections… and they may achieve the first, second or third majority in the coming parliament!

Again, I repeat the question: when, how and where have Burhami and his likes managed to blackmail the state institutions?... I wish we can know the answer to this question so that we too stay silent to what they say.

I searched quickly about the roots of the phenomenon of the salafist Call in Alexandria and went through some excerpts from references… I knew they are all influenced by, actually committed to the opinions of Ibn Taymmiya, Ibn el-Qayem, Muhammed Abdel-Wahhab and in particular al-Albani… I have already discussed some of Ibn Taymmiya’s Fatwas about the Christians in particular and the others who do not believe in Islam in general… such Fatwas contained what is really defaming Islam and humanity as well.

I want to know the opinions and Fatwas of al-Albani because all those I met and who adopt Burhami and al-Howeini’s ideology whenever you ask them about something, they immediately say: al-Albani said… as if this al-Albani is the first and last to them. His full name is Muhammed Ibn al-Hajj Nouh Ibn Nagati Ibn Adam al-Ashqouri al-Albani al-Arna’outi or the Arnaut nicknamed as “Abu Abdel-Rahman”. He was born in 1914 in Ashqoudra; the old capital of Albania and died in 1999. His father left Albania while he was one of the biggest scholars of Hanafi Mazhab or doctrine. His father immigrated to Damascus along with his son. The reason behind his immigration was that he disagreed to the King of Albania Ahmed Zogho after the latter prohibited women from wearing Niqab!

Dear reader… you can go through the books of al-Albani and Burhami Hashish… and along with them the chief of the Alexandrian salafist Call; Muhammed Abdel-Fattah Abu Idris… in general, you will find that these books are nothing but annotations explaining the Mutoons[1] of Ibn Hanbal, Ibn Taymmiya and Muhammed Abdel-Wahhab… not a single book of those can be described as a genuine one based on well-established bases and produces something new that helps achieve the nation’s interests.

One cannot have discussions based on logic and comprehensive aware Fiqhi and scientific evidence with such people… a wise man cannot waste his time arguing with those who have no human feelings in dealing with people and guiding them with wise and kind words.

The only possible thing to do is that state institutions, ruled by the constitution and law, shall react to such outrageous behaviour… especially that we are in a very critical situation as we are fighting on five fronts; east, west, north, south and in depth… the state institutions shall stop these people and punish them as per the law for what they do against the nation and citizens.

Here I ask the minister of endowments and I know he is a man who knows his role and can do anything to keep Egypt’s mosques away from fanaticism and ignorance… how could Burhami and his likes who adopt such declared opinion of describing the Christians as atheists and considering them an infidel wrongful aggressive criminal minority who should go to hell… how could they manage to deliver sermons in mosques?

Not only this… moreover, they consider all who disagree to the salafists’ opinion about Christians an atheist wrongful… meaning all of us starting from the president to the least citizen like me… for God sake, how don’t the lawyers and public prosecution do something to stop such crime and prosecute those people in public?

How can we stay silent and stand still before those who provide the complete theoretical referencing for what Daesh and its likes do… since the completion of what Burhami and his likes say is the question asking: “now what should we do with those who are atheist, aggressive, criminal and wrongful… and also those hypocrite atheists who disagree to us?”

Won’t the answer be what Daesh does in reality of burning people alive and slaughtering humans?

For the tenth time I ask: when, how and where have Burhami and the salafists managed to blackmail the state institutions in Egypt?

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Almasry alyoum newspaper on March 29, 2017.

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[1] Mutoon: (Arabic: متون) the Arabic plural word for muton (متن) which is the text containing the main idea.