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Nasser… the model

The easiest way for some people to escape paying the electricity bill was to mess with the meter; meaning to damage it… the same applies to the water meter… signing in the attendance records for employees… also messing with the meter in the white taxi to increase the fare… it seems that this thing is contagious and has spread from small employees and consumers… and corrupt taxi drivers… to some big officials in charge… and even sometimes those who introduce themselves as thinkers and politicians… and so you see them messing with the criteria, standards and proper historic models so that no one can look up to these models and compare to them… in doing so, they think they have escaped from being held accountable because the criteria ruler is broken or not credible!

This phenomenon is not limited to a certain place or time… actually it took place in all eras of history… old, middle, modern and contemporary… and was witnessed by unlimited countries… the only difference is that it looks blatant and barefaced in a certain place and era… it is what contemporary Egypt is witnessing from time to time towards the July, 1952 revolution and Nasser in particular.

The latest incident in such regard – and I won’t say scandal – was the quote attributed to the minister of health who Wikipedia says spent 13 years studying in the faculty of medicine instead of 7… also his counselor, friend and colleague was caught red-handed months ago, taking a massive bribe… moreover, the crisis of medications that went short, disappeared or increased in price took place during his term… and so, in order to escape his deeds, he resorted to the old way… he decided to blame a certain man and certain policies for his failure… and because he is coward, he chose one that left our world almost half a century ago.

The minister of health was not the first to adopt such outrageous attitude… and he will not be the last… it is an outrageous attitude because it contains several mean sides… and nothing changes about this fact if the one who did so was a minister or even higher in rank than this… first side is lying… second is being coward… third is ignorance… forth is rudeness… in such regard, there are a lot of details… but I will sum it up and say he lied because the one who described the necessity of education and medication to people as the necessity to have water and air was Taha Hussain and not Nasser… and because the deterioration in the health and medical services did not happened after they were provided for people for free… he is coward because he accused someone who can no longer defend himself… and if Nasser was alive, the one who said such words would not have been able to utter a word in his face or even behind his back… and he is ignorant because it is well known in our contemporary world that there are many nations that provide free education since kindergarten until PhD degree, like Germany for example… and because free services provided have nothing to do with the deterioration in those services, whether in education or whatsoever… also it is rude as rudeness is saying something you know very well is untrue, fearing no regret or punishment from any authority.

The question is: why Nasser in particular? And not his ideology or policies like socialism for example, his belief in Arab-nationalism or his pro-the poor policies?... my answer is as I said before because Nasser; persona, idea, practice and fate, is the measuring ruler taken by the collective mind and conscience of the Egyptians, Arabs and liberals worldwide in Asia, Africa and Latin America to measure all the policies, practices, stances and attitudes the societies face during their lives.

Nasser; the person – as proved by all intelligence agencies of the enemy states that opposed him – did not have a weak point to nail him, stop him or tarnish his reputation… no women… no alcoholics… no poker… no corruption of any kind… no luxury life… no double standards; one for himself, family, folks, friends, colleagues and another for the others… his death was a clear evidence on his credibility, abstinence, and dedication… his mass funeral cannot be denied by anyone… also his status in the hearts and minds of millions of people.

Nasser, the idea… meaning the pure Egyptian patriot and the Arab-national for Egypt and his Arab nation… also he was the liberal that was a symbol for national liberation in the three continent… and who still leaders and nations far away from us are proud they adopt his ideology… and then Nasser, the practices – despite the gravity of some of his mistakes – stayed in the conscience of many nations and peoples just because he chose to stand for humans and liberty.

For all this… the negligent… corrupt… opportunist… or ignorant starts first by destroying the model and breaking the measuring ruler so that no one says to him there is a model there to follow… and here is the ruler we should use to measure and evaluate.

It is very strange that those poor people do not realize it is not about the persona of Nasser and all that connect to him… but actually, he is considered a human standard and a conscience and mind ruler that exists as long as humanity, mind and conscience exist.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Al-Mosawar magazine, issue no. 4824 on March 22, 2017.

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