Monday, 6 March 2017

Worst people

Yes… Egypt is a nation big enough not to react or stop for a moment before the insults of those who happened to be in charge or in power of any country during the current time of Arab deterioration… however, that does not mean we shall let it go one time after another for those exceeding their limits in the Palestinian authority or any other organizations… we are not defending Egypt or justifying the Egyptian policy or stances… we just want to pay those attackers’ attention to the fact that their knives are stabbing Palestine before Egypt.

I am not about to detail what Egypt had done for Palestine because there are things that cannot be measured; either materialistically or morally. Also, I am not about to talk about some of those who consider themselves leaders in the Palestinian side; either those who left our world or those still alive and whom we may call the “worst people”, for there are others more knowledgeable than me to talk about this, even from inside the Palestinians themselves.

What I am about to do is discussing several things. First, every human action is liable to discussion and evaluation. However, there is a great difference between discussion based on proper bases aiming at correcting any disorder and misbehaving and insult. Such insult would have been nothing to mention if it affected the one who did it. However, if its repercussions affect peoples’ relations and countries’ interests aiming at destroying what is left of the Arab capabilities; we can call it treason and not just a crime.

The second thing I would like to discuss is that being in charge of leading positions means that the one responsible should be very well aware of the difference between constant facts and variables and the relation between them… meaning that anyone in charge of a position shall know how to read the current situation based on a proper base of information that is not alienated from the constant facts that have and will never be changed, especially as regarding to the circumstances we are going through right now, starting from the striking terrorist wave, change in the American administration, what is happening in more than one Arab country and the implications of all this on the tactic of dealing with the Zionist state and on the political and media discourse.

The third matter is that the one in charge shall start by himself to know where exactly he stands. He shall pay attention to what he says and its effect; otherwise he should train himself to the virtue of silence if he is ignorant and does not know what he is talking about. After that, he shall read the diaries of those who preceded him and the crimes committed against Egypt by some considered to be long-time leaders in fighting the Zionist enemy and later turned into conspiring mentalities dedicated in the present time to fighting each other over domestic positions, budgets and concessions instead of fighting the real enemy. They also dedicated themselves to killing whoever stands in their way even if he was one day an ally. Some of them even attacked the Egyptian role in a time when it was led by a historic leader like Nasser…

In such regard, there is a lot to say, however Egypt was big enough to forgive the misdeeds of the young and take care of them hoping they may pay attention to fulfilling their liberating national duty. Such misdeeds were forgiven for the sake that the one who did them had once the honor of fighting and resisting the Zionist enemy. But what cannot be forgiven is that a nobody with no history of resistance attacks the Egyptian decision and decides himself what Egypt should and should not do.

The fourth issue – which is highly important in my opinion – is the misconceptions that infected the ideology of the ordinary citizen regarding the Palestinian case. Such misconceptions became difficult to overcome or ignore; the misconception that we have to go away from the Palestinian case that caused us a lot of troubles. We have to exert all efforts to set things right once again so that the citizen knows once again that he has an Arab-national identity and that the Zionist enemy occupying Palestine is an Egyptian national security matter of the first degree, and that generalization is not logical… to the end of the proper set of values that is still and will be right until Palestine is back. For all this, those who attack the Egyptian role and stances are contributing directly to increasing such misconceptions of the Egyptian citizen in specific and Arab one in general. They distract his attention from the real danger hitting the society.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Al Ahram newspaper on March 2, 2017.

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