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The Technion… and Hebrew University

I’m not against those who take the Zionist state as a role model to follow by anyone seeking progress… and who always make use of any chance to bring experts from there… believing that hard efforts should be exerted to make use of such expertise… It’s even said that some had already brought experts from there and decided to make use and profits by hiring their experiences to others through them…

Also, I’m not against those who unleash their sharp tongues against anyone who tries to open history books and recall the bloody phases of the Zionist movement… even after turning into a state, the Zionist state didn’t cease to practice the bloody violence and break international laws and commons…

What I want to say and debate over is that why don’t we witness any serious attempt by those Zionist experiment’s worshippers to take it as a role model in building the society and reinforcing the state?

Of course, it would be downright ridiculous if I asked those admirers of the Zionist state to start by holding a conference like Basel Conference and ask the great powerful countries to recognize them as an Egyptian Zionist movement… then, they shall shift to another phase; that is forming armed group gangs like “Stern gang” or “Irgun gang” or any other paramilitary groups that stood against the “occupying” Palestinian existence over Israel “historic land”... Then, they can wage a “liberation” war like that of 1948…etc… flouting all the laws, conventions and agreements only for the sake of Egypt they aspire to be like “Israel”… Yes, indeed… that would be utterly downright ridiculous and out of time or place!

The point I want to question about here is that why do they use Zionist experts and models in increasing capital profits in fields like agriculture, agricultural genetic engineering, some irrigation systems and maybe some extraction activities, while they don’t take the Zionist model as an example in two other sides; first is education and scientific research and second is society cohesion and removing obstacles before people coming from different societies and cultures to live in one place; the Zionist state… and for the purpose of achieving a single goal; a strong state absolutely superior over its neighbors in the region?

I have already written few months before about capitalist models that helped contribute to the progress of humankind… and others contributed to the establishment and balance of a certain society… for the first type, I gave an example of Medici Family… and I pointed to the role of the great prince Lorenzo and I talked about the beginning of the great European renaissance starting from Tuscany and Florence… and how Lorenzo declared it publicly that he wouldn’t hesitate to sell all furniture of the Medici family houses to complete building libraries and supplying them with books in Tuscany and Florence…

I also gave another example for the second case; the Rothschild family… which its founder had five children whom he distributed over Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and Italy… one of the Rothschild family offspring was James de Rothschild, father of the Zionist settlements who donated millions of Sterling pounds to bring Jewish migrants to Israel and settle them in and provided all that is needed for that… he also refused to mention his name over anything… just the title “philanthropist”.

Today, I wonder… why haven’t those “genius” capitalists, who can’t cease to glorify the Zionist experiment and take it as a role model, worked on establishing universities like the Technion; Israel institute of technology, and the Hebrew University?

The Technion, which two or more of its scientists were awarded the Nobel prize, was established upon civil contributions by a group of Zionists a quarter of century before the Zionist state came to eminence… it was first established in 1924 in the same place of what is known today as the museum of sciences, technology and space… then, it was moved to its current location on mount Carmel in 1953… due to the vast area occupied by the institute, it was called the “village of the Technion”…

I here excerpt from a website established by that university which is considered the first in the Zionist state regarding educational standards in fields of sciences, engineering and medicine… if anyone wants to know more about universities and education in the Zionist state, they can surf the internet and shall find wealth of information about everything starting from acceptance criteria, variety of colleges, educational and social environments and living in Haifa itself as to weather, transportations, cost of living, demographic composition and entertainment places.

Likewise, The Hebrew university was established upon civil contributions in Jerusalem in 1925; meaning one year after the Technion… sources say it’s a public Israeli university in the city of Jerusalem established in the time of British occupation mandate by an initiative of the Zionist movement… this university is considered one of the best academic institutions in Israel… it also includes Nobel prize awarded-scientists and is listed in the 64th place worldwide as per Shanghai ranking of universities…

The university is funded by the state in addition to – which is very important to mention here – donations, revenues of selling books, granting copyrights over researches… also, one of the most important financial resources for the university is selling permissions to use the name and photo of Albert Einstein as per his will since he asked for the rights of using his name and photo to be transferred to the university after his death… again, if anyone wants to know more, they shall search the internet.

Going back to the question I asked above to those extremely busy doing two things; the first is glorifying the Zionist model and state considering it the model that shall be followed by all who seek progress, development and achievement… the second is the earnest endeavors to smear the mental image visualized by the majority of people regarding the time period spanning from 1952 to 1970 and its symbol Gamal Abdel-Nasser and attack him as if he is still alive…

What makes it really funny and caricaturistic is that we may have laughed if we were in 1973 and found some committing regular spaces in newspapers to attack Sa’ad Zaghloul… since the time span between Zaghloul’s death and 1973 is 46 years which is the same time period since Nasser left our world and our present time…

Imagine for example that Ahmed Bahaa ed-Din, Haikal, Muhammed Zaki Abdel-Qader and others dedicating their columns and articles in 1973 to warn people of Saad Zaghloul’s negatives and bad deeds… or even the contrary; meaning they might have written about the greatness of Saad Zaghloul and mention his feats and good deeds… it’d have been funny indeed.

We witnessed no one of those who keep telling us about the greatness of the Zionist experiment launching an initiative to encourage his fellow capitalists who agree to his point of view to establish an Egyptian Zionist movement… and to establish the Egyptian Technion and Egyptian Hebrew University!

There is absolutely great difference between worshipping yourself and maximizing your financial profits and worshipping your country or idea and acting like the great prince Lorenzo who established the European renaissance or being one of the Rothschild’s who established, funded and contributed to the establishment of the Zionist state… or like those unknowns who established the Technion and the Hebrew University and whose names are not remembered.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Almasry alyoum newspaper on September 7, 2016.

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