Thursday, 29 September 2016

Part of Leftist discussion

First, I have to confess that I’m a big fan of gypsies… those who go around the globe free of any geographical or political borders… known by their clothes, dances and domestic human relations that dignify women… not to mention their martial arts and skills in earning their living… either by trickery or other means…

I say this lest some people accuse me of racial discrimination if I said that many of our intellectuals and politicians are a perfect example of what my grandmother used to say to those who consume and do not produce… yet, they mock other people’s efforts saying: “you look like those old gypsies… you do nothing but making fun and mocking others”.

I was invited to a friendly sitting with old friends representing all shades of Left… dark red; those representing the Egyptian communist movement… a bit lighter red; unorganized Marxists… a more lighter shade of red; those members of at-Tagamo’a party… and finally the pink degree; those Arab-nationalists whom I belong to and who adopt argument as a discipline and social equality as a target… and who are also excluded by some hard-line Leftists from the Left calling them “petite Bourgeoisie”.

We talked about our present time along with all the problems associated with it… when some started the heated discussion saying there are some who sanctify the military… and then they started their usual talk about July 23 revolution, Nasser and killing the democratic national revolution that was starting to form in Egypt before 1952… they also said that it was normal that categories forming the “petite Bourgeoisie”; whether military men, unradical non-revolutionary intellectuals and other categories belonging to the middle class shall stick together… of course, they were hinting at me… however, the one who invited me replied straight and said that real Leftist is the one who believes in the role of the Egyptian army and who can distinguish between it and other armies in other countries in the region.

Since we all have a considerable level of knowledge, we decided to appeal to discipline… since when one mentions discipline, everyone listens, especially if they were Leftist… I talked about contradictions and priorities and the necessity to distinguish between main, partial and secondary contradictions… and so, upon realizing those contradictions, we can define our priorities…

And then we shall ask: what is the main contradiction that should be faced as a first priority?... is it the battle against Rightist tardiness powers claiming religious references and which adopt terrorism, killing and destruction as a means?... or is it the battle against the national military establishment; meaning our national Egyptian army?... also, are attempts to confiscate Egypt rights in the River Nile water and to besiege Egypt regionally by disconnecting it from its circles of influence… are those attempts included in the main contradictions?... also, is the plan viciously executed to dismantle Egypt and hit its solid core; meaning its society cohesion, included in those contradictions?... moreover, are corruption, corrupting, spread of looting, stealing and other conducts opposing development and working… are all those included in the main contradictions or not?

We kept listing the contradictions on all levels until we were faced by the question asking: who shall stand against those contradictions? And how shall we resist this?... shall we wait until strong cohesive organized civil political powers are formed with applicable clear programs and public mass spread nationwide in all productive facilities; fields, factories, institutions and others?... or shall we depend, in our current phase, on the only organized disciplined financially-independent establishment possessing a clear vision and which does not submit to any foreign powers, like the armed forces?

At this point, we appealed to history… that pot containing our patriotic experiences and the inscription registering all lessons learnt through ages… we found that the biggest killing problem hitting our nation in all historic eras is that we don’t understand the nature of contradictions… and consequently, we miss the ability to reorder priorities.

Right now, we are witnessing a scene verifying what my grandmother used to say about old gypsies… because we have a lot of those who consume but produce nothing and who prefer to participate by criticizing and attacking… and what is really odd is that most, if not all, of those attacking are eye and heart blind that they can’t give an example of themselves by working, producing and doing their part in building the country and leaving others do their roles too… giving the chance for mega projects and true changes to come true… paving the way for regaining our national determination and collective will… also to regain values respecting work to become like it was in the past… a duty, right and honor…

I know some of them who are experts in writing on Facebook and who either change their profile picture or curse the current regime leadership and all who disagree to them… to the extent that they may use slurred speech and expressions inappropriate to who claim to be an intellectual or thinker… they also feel no shame if they steal other people’s work and attribute it to themselves… and when you confront them with their bad deed, they don’t apologize and even do it again.

What I want to say here out of this Leftist discussion is: have a little bit of discipline, please… also, read a little bit of history.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Al Ahram newspaper on September 29, 2016.

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