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Priority of contradictions

This time, I will not write the names of whom I believe are closely related to the purport of this article, only because I have good connections with some of them, as we have things in common in loving our country Egypt and it would be a loss to waste such things. Also because some others of those names produce no thought or vision and behave as if they are suffering from what I called before “the syndrome” that worsens and becomes acute in certain times. Deemed as patients, it wouldn’t be humane or noble to address sick people.

I have already written long before about what I’m going to write about now. It has to do with the cycles or circles of the history of nations and peoples; those connected cycles included in one context called the movement of history, or one can say they are connected cycles, with every cycle retaining its own features and ethos relatively governed by the geographical necessities; natural, demographic, political and economic necessities.

It doesn’t make sense, either logically or scientifically, to deal with the ancient history of Egypt as if it’s accidental and fruitless; such history that goes back in time to the ancient eras until about six thousand years ago when writing was used in recording history. Since being accidental means it started away from any kind of interactions with the geographical situation which our beloved Egypt lies in the middle of. Being fruitless, meanwhile, means it brought about no effects and carried no genes that were passed on to the circles or cycles accumulated later.

In my opinion, being accidental and fruitless does not make a people or history like the Egyptian people and history. In addition, feeling proud of the patriotic history, understanding and drawing lessons from it through its circles and cycles is totally different to being a chauvinist; the one who usually claims descending from a noble origin distinguished from all humans, or a fanatic who regards others in an arrogant and biased way.

For example it happened that the Roman Empire was attacked by the tribes that were called barbarians – not Berber as barbarian is the killing brutal savage. Surges of Goths, Vandals, Magyars, Germanics and Huns kept attacking the Roman Empire until Rome and the empire crumbled in September, 476. The Roman citizens thought it was the end of the world and it was Doomsday. It also happened that the area including France, Belgium and parts of Germany, western of the Rhine, were called the Roman Gaul countries.

At the end of the fifth century, the Germanic tribes – in specific, the Franks tribe; part of the Germanics – stormed the Gaul countries. The attack was led by Clovis I who changed the name Gaul to France; after the name of his tribe. He also changed the language and religious creed from the Christian Egyptian Arianism doctrine – that prevailed after Saint Ulfilas had translated the Bible according to Arius’ teachings – into Catholicism.

Moreover, the Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties descended from these barbarian invaders. Also, Charlemagne descended from the same origin; this man who changed the political history of Europe when he took the empire crown from the hands of the Pope and crowned himself. In doing so, he put an end to an entire era when the Pope was the one crowning the emperor, meaning the first has the upper hand over the second.

I can’t imagine a chauvinist Gaulist – from Gaul – idiot hosted right now by a French satellite channel, or sitting in a café in the Latin Quarter in Paris or in a seminar, and who decides to cancel the history of France before the foreigners’ invasion and keeps talking about the glory of the Eastern Goths, and before them the Romans and those who came before the Romans…etc. claiming that he is revenging for the history of his country.

Living nations and respected thinkers deal with the history of their countries as connected circles and cycles. They interpret the phenomena in light of the human, temporal and spatial circumstances that governed them, not according to their affections and what they think is the only right thing.

It’s true that the ancient Egyptians taught humanity, in the time of Dynasties, philosophy, medicine, mathematics and engineering; meaning all branches of “wisdom”. It will cause no harm to Egypt, its history and conscience if we said that Egypt benefited from the Greco-Roman eras, or from converting to Christianity and benefiting from the Christian eras… etc. until reaching to Muhammed Ali and his family, then the patriotic rule established by the great Egyptian army.

Finally, I have a word to say to my physician friend who adores the ancient history of Egypt: have mercy on yourself… don’t force others to go into an argument that we have no time to go into right now… we have contradictions with terrorism and all those claiming possessing the religious authority, the thing that makes contradiction with July 23rd revolution and Nasser a secondary one compared to them and so, it can be postponed.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Almasry alyoum newspaper on November 15, 2017.

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