Thursday, 30 November 2017

Yes… there must be an all-out strike

I believe I have to start by writing this introduction saying that the horrible terrorism in Sinai is an outcome of Mubarak’s regime where tyranny, corruption, exploiting capital along with accepting to have muslim brotherhood and adopting their ideology as an ethical cover for that corrupt coalition united and resulted in the cultural deterioration and collapse we have now, since it’s impossible for those terrorists who commit what they commit with enormous capabilities and human, financial and arming support that is almost unlimited, to continue doing so without having a solid ground to stand on either regarding the place or time.

Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that news reporting the situation in Sinai after Ar-Rawda massacre are placed next to a piece of news about a not-understood, unjustifiable and wrongful stance by Switzerland regarding giving back Egypt’s money looted by Mubarak’s regime represented in those whose names are published in the newspapers of Almasry alyoum and Ash-Shorouq on Monday Nov. 27, 2017 as follows: “Hosni Mubarak, Suzan Thabet, Alaa Mubarak, Gamal Mubarak, Haidi Rasekh, Ahmed Ez, Khadiga Ahmed Kamel Yassin, Alaa Muhammed Fawzi Ali Salama, Shahinaz el-Naggar, Ahmed Ahmed Ez, Zohair Garana, Muhammed Ibrahim Suliman, Habib el-Adli and Magdi Rasekh.”

As if coincidence wants to remind us of the causal relationship between corruption and terrorism and silence all ex-servants of that regime who thought that they regained their power just for having their photos, names and words published as if it’s a clearance certificate for the whole regime. In fact, if any of those had a tiny amount of feeling loyal to his country or feeling shame, he would have taken the initiative and paid back the looted money deposited abroad, at least to support the June, 30 revolution that brought Egypt back to the right course and is still facing the terrible disasters Mubarak’s regime left behind.

I believe we must move on from this phase of pain and wailing that our enemy wants us to dwell in for him to gloat over our country and us, to the phase of contemplating and working hard in our full capacity in order to achieve a comprehensive confrontation against terrorism on the levels of ideology, funding, planning and conspiring.

Therefore, it’s not likely that we get confused between two cases. The first of them is the sleeping and armed terrorist cells that regard the whole nation as non-believers and adopt such thing as an ideology and follow thought and fiqhi fundamentals that randomly impose prohibition and give license for killing without distinguishing, also license for destruction not caring about the consequences. Such case requires merciless uprooting no matter the price paid is. In similar less-important case in terms of impact and losses, if a poultry or cattle farm, for example, was hit by an epidemic disease spreading in the place’s floor, walls, pots and other things, then there is no alternative to getting rid of the whole flock, closing the place, disinfecting it with pesticides, and sometimes using quicklime that results in great thermal energy that kills any living creatures even if microscopic. Also in cases of infections inflicted on fruit gardens and forests, there is no other way to save the non-infected areas but with uprooting the sick trees, burning the surely-infected parts and mincing the rest into sawdust.

So one can imagine the case when we have an epidemic disease holding machine guns, bombs and RPG rockets, believing in suicidal attacks and having no human, ideological, fiqhi or doctrinal deterrent ceasing it from destroying worship places, schools, houses, public government premises or killing people whether kids, children, young, adult, old and very old men and women having no hesitation and feeling no mercy.

As to the second of the two cases, it’s the cultural and social reality that contains what makes it a favourable environment for carrying the genes of terrorism, such genes that have a certain clear composition including, first, the fake outer-appearance religiosity that limits the tenor of Islam and believing into mere outer practices like wearing short Galabiyas, having shaggy beards and shaved moustaches, wearing Niqab, exaggerating in Hijab along with the absence of understanding the true purposes of worship and Sharia. Second is the complete ignorance that exceeds alphabetical illiteracy to the social, political and cultural illiteracy. Hence willingness to hate the other party different in religion and doctrine emerges and reaches to ripping the national fabric apart that helps “cancerize” other members in the society in order for this disease to continue existing. Third, absence of national affiliation and principles of common collective consciousness and falling in the trap of flouting all social cultural controls in individual behavior by some people who limit themselves to the standard of Halal and Haram alone to regulate their conduct not taking the standards of law or right and wrong into their consideration.

For this reason, the most important pillar supporting social structure was destroyed; I hear mean the pillar of social equality along with social solidarity, as those who violate regulations and laws of construction regarding allowed heights, areas and specifications adopt the standard of Halal and Haram regardless of the law and ethics. Usually, they are those of the fake outer-appearance religiosity not thinking of the impact of their crime over the whole society, in specific the social equality and social solidarity as they overprice and lay down strict conditions. As a result, young men and women cannot afford a decent housing or a stable life.

We tackle this second case with the ways that many people keep defining their political, cultural and ideological aspects. I believe such tackling remains with little effect as long as “sewerage” of salafist outer-appearance religiosity keeps discharging in the society and severely affecting and contaminating the mentality likely to receive enlightenment and modernization.

Finally, I’d like to say that there must be an all-out strike on the armed terrorism, meaning a merciless strike leaving nothing behind and speaking out against injustice.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Al Ahram newspaper on November 30, 2017.

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