Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Ignorance… God forbid

Like my folk peasant people say: “I’m willing to cut my arm” if Sheikh Salem Abdel-Galil has done his best in reviewing, studying, comprehending, understanding or even discussing the Christian theology… and “I’m willing to cut my other arm” if he had done the same thing in understanding the issues related to the Logos, soul and incarnation in Kalam or Islamic scholastic theology and in Principles of Islamic jurisprudence with its two religious and Fiqhi branches.

Then I’m willing to cut my leg if his “excellency” had thought, taken his time and contemplated a little before he spat out what he said about the Christian faith or faith of Christians… finally, I’m willing to cut my forth limb if people in charge of the Islamic sciences studies opened the door for free reasoned discussion… not only to address the problem still standing since the Abbasid era, but also because it is much needed in a society like the Egyptian one that suffers economically, socially and culturally and which is in desperate need for all these massive numbers of those who has nothing to do but talking in religious issues!

If Mr. Abdel-Galil had done what I mentioned, he would not have been dazzled by the desire to talk on TV screens with lights shed over him… he would not have talked about faith issues out of ignorance and abhorred fanaticism.

This time, I do not want to write again about the Quranic, Prophet Muhammed’s and Qudsi texts; meaning Qudsi Hadith, related to Jews, Christians, Sabians and even Magi… also those Hadith related to Christians in specific… I do not want also to write over the interpretations presented by Imams of Islamic Sufism like Mohie ed-Din Ibn Arabi and Galal ed-Din er-Romi of the Trinity… and third, I do not want to write about the theological essence related to salvation and incarnation only because the current atmosphere is really heavy, depressing and gloomy out of ignorance.

What I really want is that we – we here means all those who have brains and conscience – work hard to fight the religious, intellectual and scientific illiteracy of people like Mr. Abdel Galil… and to consider the possibility of having a comprehensive scholar program in the post-graduate studies of Dawaa, Usul ed-Din and Sharie’a schools that include studying Judaism, Christianity and Mandaeism… and even extend to studying Buddhism as well… as some scholars considered that Quran mentioned “By the Fig and Olive” as a hint for Buddhism as it takes the Bengali fig tree as a symbol… this massive tree has airy roots going down to the land until it establishes a whole forest out of one tree… and no one knows which tree started this forest… it is the example given when talking about the human civilization.

Quran talked about a faith set that included those who believed in God; whether Jews, Christians, Sabians and Muslims… and definitely true Muslim is the one who does not deny what is absolutely known from religion; meaning he does not deny that “read” is an order that must be maintained by the Muslim and that is not less imperative than other orders like “have prayers, fast, do Zakaa, do Hajj”… as a Muslim, he is required to read and then do other imperative Quranic orders like to contemplate… to reason… to think thoroughly… to observe God’s concrete proofs on earth.

If a Muslim read, contemplated, reasoned and thought thoroughly of God’s proofs in universe, he would not have said what Salem Abdel-Galil said… one thinks of writing a reply to what he said like those writings that took place in deterioration times in post-Rashidun Caliphs era… one may call such reply “therapy tips to get cured from Salem Abdel-Galil’s thoughts”.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Almasry alyoum newspaper on May 17, 2017.

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