Wednesday, 24 May 2017

No time for gibberish

History calculations are different to calculations of a grocery shop… as the first contain no retail business, wholesale business, or anything in between, meaning semi-wholesale… however, history calculations are about introductions, courses, and results… they also include vicious fights where blood may be shed, people killed, wills broken, and nations looted.

In grocery shop business, there is the clever merchant… but in history, we have the historical individual… the first has his eyes fixed over the cash drawer filled with the money… the second has all his senses fixed over the country even if the drawer is empty and money was little.

The historical individual could be a charismatic hero who enjoys the leadership talent and talent of communicating with the masses… and he could be a person who was assigned the responsibility – according to all given circumstances – of saving his country and leading it amid a very tough situation… not only on the outside level but also on the domestic one as well… he accepted the challenge and went on with his eyes fixed over the best interests of his country… even if some yelled out loud saying that there is nothing; no water, no supplies, no rest, and no clear vision… while he is steering his ship through the right course realizing how to carefully maneuver so that his ship or country does not get sucked in the turbulent sea.

This not a rhetoric speech trying to hide the problems we suffer in our very own composition… but a reality we live every moment since Abdelfattah as-Sisi became the leader and muslim brotherhood were ousted form ruling the country.

According to grocery shop calculations, prices are soaring high… the market is ruled by the evil people… people are financially exhausted and about to beg… but according to history calculations, it is a tale of people fighting along the leadership of their state a multi-level with different sides battle… it is the same epic of struggle that this very same people had been through many times before throughout history.

It is a matter of people being told in public that the one occupying the highest position in the state will not be able to go on alone through these tough circumstances… people being told that the circumstances are difficult starting from schools, hospitals, factories, resources, to the rest of all fields… and that all of us have no other solution but to exert efforts and work hard day and night… in addition to the regional and international situations that leave no chance for anyone to ignore or deny them… and that there is no alternative to working hard in order to ameliorate the conditions and remedy injustice

As the one who realized the lesson learnt from The Convention of London of 1840 that stopped the renaissance project during the time of Muhammed Ali… and later the international collusion against Ismail Pasha… and what happened in June, 1967 to hit the renaissance project of Gamal Abdelnasser… and who also realized the difference between surrendering to the tough circumstances like in the times of Sadat and Mubarak, and skillfully maneuvering to evade surrender… this one has to learn from history… if that one understood, realized, and started to practice what he learnt on the ground, he would become that historical individual I mean.

According to retail business calculations, we can have an estimation of expenses… like how much was there in the Egyptian treasury, what happened, and how much is there now?... how many mega projects were accomplished?... what their feasibility studies recommended?... what is still under progress?... what happened in the armed forces regarding arming, variety of arms’ sources, training, fighting conviction, protecting the country against terrorism, corruption…etc?... in the same manner, we can tell how many projects are left and what is needed in more than one field?... there are specialists who master the language of economy and finance in such regard.

However, I believe I am about to talk about history calculations that start by analyzing the situation our country lived in the last four decades… then focusing on the last six years; how were we on the economic, social, and political levels and how were the region and the world?... then what about our situation now?

Also, what about problems of social cohesion and sectarian problems?... what about the national will and Egypt’s role in its African and Arab regions and its relations with the rest of the international community?... also, what about completing the constitutional building of our country?... what about fighting corruption that hit every part of our country?... what about the criminal and political security amid the current situation of targeting our nation in more than one place and corrupting its living cells so that it does not rise again… in addition to many big issues that we should pay attention to alongside issues of living and situation of parties and communities.

To me – and I believe I have a good knowledge of understanding history – I see our country going through the most fierce phases of engaging with those contexts… and it is not possible in any way for any fair person who has a complete systematic vision, capable of spotting the comprehensive courses we are in right now and not stopping before secondary details, to give a thorough evaluation saying what was done and what is left… all what any fair person can say is that we have the right weapons for the battle… and that our will will not be broken… and that surrendering and letting things go without accountability is definitely unlikable.

We are in the very heart of the battle and the battlefield is in turbulent movement… I believe no one of those engaging in this battle could take off his armor and put down his weapon to talk gibberish about what is going on in the battlefield.

Translated into English by: Dalia Elnaggar

This article was published in Almosawwar magazine on May 24, 2017.

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